RECAP | Judgements flew at the first dinner party on BRIDE AND PREJUDICE

Bride and Prejudice
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In tonight's episode: Dannii’s mother Donna labelled future son-in-law Denton a ‘pig’, while judgements flew at the first dinner party.


Dannii’s mother, Donna and sister, Dee, made it clear Denton would NOT be welcomed into family with open arms. 

Donna: “My main concern is I find Denton a pig! Denton’s a spoilt little rich kid and he needs to pull his head in and grow up. I think Dannii needs to be with a real man because Denton needs to get some balls. Denton is overweight, he’s a cocky little asshole with a cocky hairstyle.”

Couples attended their first group therapy session with family therapist, Leanne Hall. Together, they watched confronting videos of each family’s objections to their respective relationships.

Dee’s (Dannii’s sister) opinions of Denton:

“Dannii needs stability in her life at the moment and Denton is just a man baby.”


Laurelle’s opinion of Codie Lea:

“I hate everything to do with Codie. She’s just not a, not human. She’s just false. Everything is false. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake eyelashes, everything about her is false. I hate what she’s done. It’s created problems in my family. Codie has taken my son away and if she was on fire, I wouldn’t even spit on her. I’m not going to bow down to a 20-year-old plastic bitch.” 


Catherine’s opinion on Micah:

“Micah is a selfish pot-smoking California dreamer. Due to his addiction, he is a user, a loser, he is not the man that I want for my daughter or the father I want for my grandson. When has he bought nappies? When has he bought anything? He actually is a deadbeat dad. He’s not there for his son, he’s not there for his partner. I want Micah out of Milly’s life to save her and Julian from a life of misery. Going away on this retreat is his last chance.


Mary-Ann’s opinion of James:

“My first impression of James was I didn’t like him. The bad boy image came across, and the tats. I just thought Victoria could do better. My ideal son-in-law for Victoria would be a professional person. I don’t know what attracts her to these men, I really don’t. James doesn’t fit into our family at all at this present time and I cannot see James fitting into our family in the future. Victoria is better off without him.”


 Sid and Lody’s opinions of Jess:

Lody: “I never thought in a million years that my daughter one day will come home and tell me she’s in love with another girl, you know… I used to hear it about other families, but I never thought it will happen to one of my family; never thought that would happen but it did.”

Sid: “They’re not to be together, woman and a woman, it’s not right.”


After watching the videos and discussing their resolve to win their family’s support, Leanne set the couples their first task, to meet with their parent/s alone (without their partners), and actively listen to their concerns for one minute without interrupting. Tori was the first to confront the task with disapproving mother, Mary-Ann - and 60 seconds couldn’t come quickly enough with Tori storming off after her mother questioned her love for James.


After digesting their first therapy session, the couples broke bread – and opinions – around the dinner table. JoJo announced to the table that some partners had similar personalities to their opposing in-laws, though Codie Lea quickly shut down JoJo’s claim stating, “I’m nothing of the sort. She (Laurelle) lies!” The night turned even more sour when Dannii’s love for Denton came into question.


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In their first group therapy session, the couples’ parents openly share their objections to the weddings. Laurelle shocks the group when she voices her suspicions about Codie Lea. Later, the parents begin the tests to satisfy their concerns about the person their child intends to marry – with shocking results.