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The Real Dirty Dancing
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Tonight, on The Real Dirty Dancing, the women struggled with intimate dance moves and revealing clothing in their bid to become Baby; And an emotional Jessica Rowe overcame her fear to be voted the ultimate Baby.

Ahead of the training, Jessica admitted, “I don’t feel sexy, so to get in that mindset for me is a real struggle. Being a mum I feel like I’ve almost shut down that sensual part of myself.”

Anna Heinrich broke down in tears to Jude Bolton, about her reasons for doing the show. “A really big part is the pancreatic side - I’m going to get upset, my grandma died of pancreatic cancer. It was very quick, all within a couple of months, it honestly feels like it as yesterday,” she said.

The ladies were tasked with performing an individual routine to Hungry Eyes but choreographer, Todd McKenney, declared he wasn’t happy with the pelvic thrusting he’d seen so far and called all the cast up for a ‘pelvic development workshop.’

“I just can’t do it, I spent half my life pelvic thrusting,” laughed Jamie Durie. Todd upped the ante by asking the celebrities to get in a hula hoop together. Confronted by the proximity, Jessica exclaimed, “I don’t think I could have got any further away from Firass…literally we bent our hula hoop!” Stephanie Rice unveiled her competitiveness in the hula hoop challenge with Jude Bolton. “Oh my god it was so awkward, but I’m viewing it now like sport and if you don’t fully commit it looks worse,” she said.

When trying on Baby’s iconic wardrobe for their dance, the reality of the situation came to light for Jessica. “I love the idea of dressing up, of putting on a costume and then that costume transforming you, but what I’m finding such a challenge is being sexy. When you become a mum you almost feel sometimes like a part of yourself shuts down, that part of you that is just for you,” she revealed. Stephanie had a different situation: “Me and Baby don’t go together when it comes to wardrobe, I feel like our styles and our body types are completely opposite…I just felt a lot of the time with the wardrobe it was not me and I didn’t feel that good about myself,” she said. Anna admitted “honestly it was my worst nightmare knowing that I’m going to be dancing in my underwear in front of the guys… Something I’m going to have to work on is sexy business, it’s not my natural disposition.”

Meanwhile, the men visited the famous lake from the movie to practice the iconic scene where Johnny lifts Baby, but instead of their professional dancers they practiced lifting each other. Jamie dived straight in fully clothed, claiming, “we didn’t come halfway around the world to not get in the lake.”  Jamie and Firass succeed in recreating the iconic lift, which proved to be much harder than it looked.  Firass asked, “how difficult is the lift? From 1 to 25 I’d say it’s about a 28 and a half!”

As the women practiced their chorography with their professional dance partners, Anna said, “the hardest thing for me was getting intimate with my partner and getting up close and personal. I was extremely nervous... my husband is pretty much the only guy I’ve got that close to; it was slightly stressful and a little bit daunting.” Todd was concerned watching Anna, “she suddenly became very frail and very vulnerable; I hope she can lose that a bit because it’s going to stunt her dance growth,” he said.

Jessica was in tears when she revealed “I think for me, why I’m finding it hard is I’m realising that there’s almost a part of me that’s kind of shut down and been ‘The mum’ as opposed to the woman.” Todd recognised “Jess’s mental hurdle is that she needs to get out of ‘I’m a mum I shouldn’t be here doing this I shouldn’t be wearing skimpy clothes’… she really needs to let that go and embrace the sexiness that she has... she’s a bombshell.” Stephanie “I definitely felt sorry for Jess; she puts on a brave face, but you could just tell she was so uncomfortable.”

After watching the women’s solo performances the men had the difficult decision of choosing their ultimate Baby. Jamie was impressed with Anne’s footwork, Hugh said there were beautiful and sexual moments and she should own it. Stephanie’s dance was amazing and passionate and Jamie praised Anna’s ability her surrender to the power of her partner, calling her dance “romantic and beautiful.” However it was Jess’s dance which impressed them the most. It gave Jamie “goose bumps”, Jude declared her transformation was “amazing” and Todd and Kym were so proud of Jess for blossoming like Baby did. After her dance Jessica revealed through tears, “being a mum you sometimes shut down the sexy part of yourself because you are thinking ‘I’m in mum mode’ so for me that’s been really hard. CJ (her dance partner) has been incredible because I felt so safe with you. I didn’t expect to feel this way and its actually been special.”  “I want to take a risk; I want to put myself out there and go for it,” she continued, “I think life is far too short….  how often do I get to dance on national television in my underpants?”

When the men told Jessica that she’d won their vote, she was shocked, saying “for once I’m short of words but thank you I’m so overwhelmed because it was the furthest thing from my mind that this would happen. I can’t believe it, thank you all.”

“I’m going to bed tonight feeling proud of myself because I thought ‘you know what, just go for it.’ I always say to my beautiful girls Allegra and Giselle ‘draw on your bravery and your courage’ and I drew on every ounce of that tonight and thought ‘you know what, just do it!’”


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The celebrities voted Hugh as Johnny and Jessica as Baby but when their chemistry is put to the test will Jessica and Hugh stick together or choose someone else to perform with and which celebrity couple will the Dirty Dancing super fans vote as their ultimate Johnny and Baby?