RECAP | Jojo told Lody 'Jess didn't make me gay' on BRIDE AND PREJUDICE

Bride and Prejudice  Source: Seven Network

Bride and Prejudice
Source: Seven Network



Dannii & Denton are back on!

Dannii and Denton nearly broke up when Dannii admitted that she'd slept with another man. However, after storming off, Denton admitted that as they were on a break, Dannii hadn’t cheated on him. He loves her and wants to marry her, no matter what.

Denton: “Once I was able to actually process it a little more, it’s not worth losing her over something that happened while we were apart. I don’t want to live my life without her.”


JoJo told Lody ‘Jess didn’t make me gay’

Sid and Lody invited Jess and JoJo out for lunch. JoJo had her own plans and asked her mum if just the two of them could go. She wanted to have an honest, one-on-one chat which turned into an emotional lunch where JoJo revealed she'd kissed other girls and struggled with her sexuality.

JoJo: “I don’t think you realize how when Jess came into my life, she changed my life.”

Lody: “She changed it very big.”

JoJo: “But it wasn’t her mum. Jess didn’t make me gay. 

Lody: “But you’ve never been with anyone but her.”

JoJo: “Uh, no. I have. I’ve kissed other girls.”

Lody was shocked by JoJo’s revelations and was left conflicted between her duty to her faith, her husband and her love for her daughter.

Lody: “She put me in the position, like, I don’t know what to do. Shall I be there for her? Shall I not? What do I do? God please help me… I don’t know.”


Denton clashed with Donna and Dee

At lunch with Donna and Dee, Denton gives Donna a pig hot water bottle so she can 'warm' up to him and gives Dee a gift as well…

Denton: “Now to the lovely Dee. Since coming here, after what I thought was actually a good friendship between us, seems like your strings might be getting a little bit pulled. So, I thought I get you a bit of a puppet just so you could probably play with that yourself as well. “No, not funny?”

Dee: “No, it’s not funny at all.”

The lunch erupts into hostility and accusations of name-calling.

Donna says Dannii is far too young and not ready for marriage and Denton tells Donna she's manipulative. Donna accuses Denton of being the real manipulator and he storms out of the lunch, trailing expletives at Donna and Dee.

Donna: “What does manipulate mean?”

Denton: “Manipulate? Controlling what she is thinking. To try and make her see the same views as you.”

Donna: “No, no at all. You would be more that type.”


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