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Bride and Prejudice
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Micah Says No to Rehab

In the final parental test, Milly’s mum Catherine needed proof Micah had changed his pot-smoking ways. She asked Micah to take a drug test, which he passed, but Catherine then asked him to attend rehab which he flatly refused.

Micah: “That’s interesting. You want me to attend a rehab.”

Catherine: “I do want you to attend a rehab program because I’m worried in the long term that you will relapse, which you have before and I’m scared. I don’t see someone that has been a drug user since a very young age doing a cold turkey himself. But you doing rehab would give me reassurance.”

Micah: “I understand your concerns, but at the moment I’m having no issues with any substances. I’m not drinking heavily; I’m not using cannabis. I think it would actually probably be a waste of time and money.Catherine, you don’t go to rehab for someone else, you go for yourself.”

Catherine: “That’s right and you need to go for yourself.”

Micah: “You’re telling me I need to go for myself?”

Catherine: “Yes, absolutely.”

Micah: “I respect your opinion but I respectfully decline, I’m sorry.”


Group Therapy – It’s All About Sex!

The couples’ therapy was themed sex and intimacy. All couples revealed they were happy with their sex life, except for Dannii who admitted their sex life was almost non-existent because her mother’s opinions were getting in her head, impacting her emotional connection with Denton. She also shared with the group that Denton only lasted 15 seconds in bed when they did have sex! As part of the exercise, couples had to place a sticky note where their partner like to be touched.

Dannii: I was feeling embarrassed, because I don’t actually know where Denton likes to be touched anymore because it’s been so long.”

Dannii: “I feel like with us, Dent struggles to get that emotional connection. I haven’t been feeling that great lately and I’ll say ‘Dent, I’m feeling really shitty today. I just want to chill out’ but then he will still sort of - sorry but you do, you push me to still have sex. When he wants to have sex with me, he’s just like let’s just go to the room and bang.”

Denton: “I would like to have sex with the person I love. It never naturally happens anymore. Then when I ask for it, I get in trouble for asking. You feel rejected 99 times out of 100. Yeah, it’s a shit feeling.”

But Dannii announced there had been a break in the drought. “Our sex life isn’t the best at the moment. In saying that, we did have sex for the first time in a long time but he only last 15 seconds!”


Dannii and Denton on the Rocks

Therapist Leanne Hall set the couples a task to have an hour without secrets which led to an explosive confrontation between Dannii and Denton. Dannii confessed to Denton the rumours that she slept with someone else while on holidays in New Zealand were true. Denton stormed off declaring he was done and Dannii was convinced their relationship was over.

Denton: “Your sister told me you slept your way around New Zealand…So your sister was right?”

Dannii: “Yeah…I’m sorry, my sister was wrong. I didn’t sleep with anyone else apart from the one particular person. You deserve to know.”


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In tonight’s episode, the couples open up about their sex lives during the dinner party. Nathan surprises the group when sharing details of one of Codie Lea’s party tricks. Therapist Leanne Hall asks the parents to invite their children and their partners to lunch in a bid to calm some of the escalating tension. JoJo and Lody have an emotional lunch where Lody is left reeling after JoJo’s shock revelation.