High Sheridan voted favourite Johnny on THE REAL DIRTY DANCING

The Real Dirty Dancing
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On tonight’s premiere of THE REAL DIRTY DANCING, eight celebrities travelled to Virginia, USA, the location of iconic dance movie Dirty Dancing, and commenced training to become the ultimate Baby and Johnny.


Hugh Sheridan       Actor                                                

Jessica Rowe            Journalist / Presenter / Author

Anna Heinrich           Media Personality

Jamie Durie               Landscaper / Designer / Presenter

Stephanie Rice          Olympic Swimming Legend 

Jude Bolton               AFL Champion

Anne Edmonds         Comedian

Firass Dirani              Actor


Under the training guidance of professional dancers and choreographers, Todd McKenney and Kym Johnson, two celebrities will ultimately be chosen to recreate the iconic dance, including the breathtaking lift, in front of a live audience.

Arriving at the legendary Kellerman’s Resort, together the celebrities paid tribute to superstar Patrick Swayze, who died from pancreatic cancer 10 years ago. Todd said: “By asking you to attempt to dance, we not only pay homage to Patrick and the movie, we also pay homage to the people who are dealing with the disease.”

Anna revealed her heartbreaking personal connection: “My grandmother died from pancreatic cancer, so it was really important for me to do this for my grandma.”

Watching the original film together, the celebrities were shocked to remember just how dirty they’ll be required to dance. “The only person I am intimate with - and want to be intimate with - is my darling husband. So for me to step out of my comfort zone and do quite an evocative dance with someone that I don’t know is really hard,” exclaimed Jessica.

Jamie Durie later admitted he once had a crush on Jessica Rowe, when she was single and attended his birthday. “Jess and I have known each other for a long time, and we are good mates, sorry Pete,” laughed Jamie.

Todd and Kym set the first acting challenge for the men to see who could muster the most Swayze swagger. With no stage experience, Jude faced the biggest challenge admitting: “I feel like a fish out of water.”


 The men were then paired with professional dance partners and the quest to move like Johnny began. “I only just met my professional dancer and suddenly we’re grinding. That sort of stuff is pretty awkward,” admitted Jude.

Jude wasn’t the only one feeling the pressure, with Jamie saying, “I thought there’d be a lot more time to rehearse; there were elements of panic for sure.” Kym recognised Hugh had the “trickiest choreography to pull off” which Hugh admitted was “very intimidating because we don’t have lot of time to do it…I have to get the timing right.”

Meanwhile, the women donned the famous Baby costume (white jeans and singlet) and headed to the log where they were paired with professional dancers to recreate another iconic scene from the movie with hilarious and unexpected results.

The men performed their dances to a standing ovation from the women, who voted Hugh Sheridan as their favourite Johnny. Jess explained it was tough competition between the men: “It’s been such a hard decision. Jamie we were blown away by your explosiveness with the way you dance; the sliding it was so energetic. Firass, you could feel that connection and how steamy it was. Jude, we wanted to get out of our chairs to join you because you had the sexy element. Hugh, the minute you walked out we could feel Johnny so that is why we’ve chosen you but it was so hard,” she said.

Hugh was humbled, saying, “In all honesty, I am very shocked because I think that every single person here really could kill it but thank you very much and I will endeavour to do you all proud.”

It was not a unanimous decision with Anne quipping, “I voted for Jude and I want that well-known throughout the dancing community.” 

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It’s time for the ladies to let their inhabitations go as they learn the real Dirty Dancing moves in a bid to be the ultimate ‘Baby’.