Just why is DISNEY using a logo so remarkably similar to the ABC?

Look familiar? The logo for US based streaming service Movies Anywhere

A recent trademark battle between NINE and 10 over the multichannel 10Boss, has again raised questions as to whether the ABC is doing enough to protect its own distinctive design.

US based streaming provider, Movies Anywhere has been using a striking similar logo to the ABC’s famous curve since 2017.

Movies Anywhere, which is owned by the Disney Corporation, provides a service where users can combine content purchased on other platforms such as VUDU, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Fandango Now into one easy to navigate interface.

Movies Anywhere can be used internationally, including in Australia, however accounts need to be created from a US based IP address.

Movies Anywhere has defended the logo design stating it is a combination of the letters M and A, and was not inspired by the ABC.

Disney has confirmed plans to launch a new streaming service DISNEY+ worldwide beginning in late 2019, but so far has not announced a similar strategy for Movies Anywhere.

The original ABC waveform design.
source - https://about.abc.net.au/abc-history/

The ABC holds an Australian trademark for its logo design and would have a strong case should Movies Anywhere ever seek to expand its service to Australia subscribers. It’s unclear if the ABC has already lodged an objection to the Movies Anywhere design.

The ABC has been using various versions of the ‘Lissajous Curve’ logo since 1965. The design was originally created by ABC employee Bill Kennard, who had been experimenting with oscilloscope displays. Kennard was rewarded with £25 for the design.

The ABC has been contacted for comment