John Edward admits he channeled Princess Di

Psychic Medium John Edward


The psychic medium reveals why he downplayed his royal encounter until now

For the most popular psychic medium in the world, John Edward is a shy man who doesn’t appear to chase fame.  In fact he seems rather hesitant to talk about the TV moment that made headlines globally and appeared to validate his abilities.  

In the 2018 edition of Channel 10’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the popular psychic medium read Princess Di’s former butler, Paul Burrell. Edward has always downplayed the possibility he channelled Princess Di that day, fearing negative reactions from skeptics, but in an exclusive interview he now admits it was most likely the People’s Princess he was channelling.

Paul Burrell listening to John Edward on I’m a Celebrity get Me Out Of Here


“It did not make me feel comfortable at all,” says Edward.  “For me it’s like, I gave the information, if that’s what the information is, that’s what it is”

While recording an interview for the podcast McKnight Tonight, I played the clip back to the former host of Crossing Over with John Edward, who had never watched it.  Edward points out he specifically asked producers not to reveal which celebrities were in the jungle. 

“When you’re dealing with celebrities in general there’s a backlash because… everything’s public… so it’s not my favourite thing to do”.

In the clip Edward talks about a car crash.  It soon becomes obvious Princess Di’s former butler, Paul Burrell, is the person who is to receive information from the other side. Edward asks if there were two car accidents.  Burrell immediately responds in the negative, but quickly remembers there were in fact two accidents, the first was never made public.

A shocked Burrell replies;

“You couldn’t possibly have known that”.

Edward goes further, not only revealing intimate details shared only between Burrell and the Princess but also a recurring dream Burrell has about Diana in a royal blue dress sitting cross-legged on the floor.  Burrell says it was the last dress he saw Diana in and claims he has never shared details of that dream with another living soul. 

“He told me things he couldn’t actually know” says Burrell in utter disbelief in the clip

But for Edward, it doesn’t matter who he is channelling, because he can’t actually tell; 

“I thought it was a man who was coming through” he says. 

For viewers though, it was obvious this information could only have been coming from the People’s Princess, but Edward says fame and fortune mean nothing on the other side,

“There’s no velvet ropes in the afterlife, there's no royalty in the afterlife, there’s no red carpets in the afterlife, you’re just an energy, it’s just a consciousness”.

When pressed on whether the person he was channelling could have been Princess Di, Edward responds with a shrug,

“Yeah, it could have been”.

Edward left the jungle unaware of his brush with royalty until a producer informed him away from the cameras,

“They should have caught my reaction there, ‘cause I was like…”

However, skeptics claim Edward could have easily known who was in the jungle and would have recognised Paul Burrell.  It’s a claim Edward refutes, saying; 

“If you were to show him to people in the states, he’s not popular there, you know what I’m saying, he’s not somebody who’s known.”

As one of the most recognisable psychic mediums in the world, Edward comes under constant attack from skeptics as being a charlatan who preys on the feeble.  It’s a notion he rejects, pointing to a scientific study he took part in called The Afterlife Experiments, which Edward says scientifically proves the abilities of people like him.  

In one instance the scientists in charge of the study had spent $4,000 on a gamma radiation detection machine and, according to Edward, when a medium by the name of Suzanne opened her energy up to read.

“She blew out the video camera and the gamma (radiation machine).  If you wanna see a bunch of science people flip out like somebody broke their toy, it was the funniest, funniest moment”, says Edward laughing.

Yet many remain skeptical, and the fact Edward channelled Princess Diana has angered those critics to no end, with many accusing the psychic medium of going too far for a headline and referring to him as a ‘scammer’.     For his part, Edward simply points to the evidence but understands not everyone is ready to believe in something more.