EXCLUSIVE | Leaked document reveals talent fees for SURVIVOR

Shooting dates, location and talent fees for the upcoming series of Channel 10’s Survivor have been leaked to TV Blackbox

Channel 10 is currently on the hunt for celebrities to take part in the 2019 series of Survivor: Champions v Contenders and details about the new production have been revealed in the latest episode of the TV Blackbox podcast.

The documents that have been sent to us reveal producers are looking for “well-known talent with major achievements to take part - people who are both successful at what they do and aspirational”.

Those taking part will be shooting in the South Pacific from April 29 to June 22, including travel dates.

Each ‘champion’ will be paid $25,000 in what is being called an “out of pocket fee”. Presumably talent of a higher profile will negotiate a higher fee. The winner will receive the $500,000 prize.