KKL on IAC, A leaked dance card and SURVIVOR AUSTRALIA talent fees | TV Blackbox S02E02

Can you believe it? There's still 3 weeks of summer non-ratings to go and there's as much TV news as ever! Just as well we're here to keep you apprised of who's in, who's out and who really *is* in or out despite what the PR Jedis are trying to tell you.

It's literally cray. CRAY, people!

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the pr spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • TV Blackbox exclusively reveals STEVE JACOBS is landing back on THE TODAY SHOW.

  • Peter Ford leaks the cast of DANCING WITH THE STARS

  • Another TVB exclusive - KATHERINE KELLY LANG to parachute into I'M A CELEBRITY...GET ME OUT OF HERE?!

  • Rob delivers some exclusive inside info on the upcoming season of SURVIVOR AUSTRALIA

  • Molk tries to wade through the ratings of the Cricket for SEVEN and gets all caught up in the BVOD numbers

  • AJAY first out of the IAC jungle - but how is it rating? How will it survive when MKR and MAFS start on Monday?!

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