AIRDATE | Season 3 of Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola comedy ROSEHAVEN

Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola
image - ABC

The multi-award-winning ABC comedy series Rosehaven is back for a third season. The eight episodes feature new guest stars and fresh stories about the quirky and loveable town of Rosehaven.

Written by and starring two of Australia’s favourite comedians Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola, Rosehaven follows the story of two friends and unlikely real estate agents, Daniel (expat Tasmanian McGregor) and Emma (Pacquola). Series three finds the best friends and workmates facing big changes

in their personal lives and a real estate opportunity that threatens to divide the whole town.

Series 3 sees Daniel and Emma establishing a full life in Rosehaven. Daniel is happily living with his girlfriend Grace (Katie Robertson), while Emma is still housemates with Barbara (Kris McQuade)…. that is, until she sells the family home without telling anyone.

This leads to a visit from her sister, Jenny (Genevieve Picot), the only person who can come close to getting under Barbara’s skin.

Emma’s care free approach to single-dom give way to her insecurities. While she knows she has good friends there, are they really there in her time of need? And what about when she gets old? She takes drastic action to head off a life of future loneliness.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Grace’s happy home life is starting to tire. When it becomes clear that Emma can’t continue to stay in Barbara’s spare room Daniel rushes to offer Emma a room at their place, just to help Emma, and not at all to shake up the situation at home.

At McCallum Real Estate, Emma and Daniel are vying for independence – they both want to prove their worth to the business. Out on a long work drive, Emma meets Farmer Dan (Dustin Clare) – a man of few words. Emma is a woman of very many words but with insecurity tapping on her shoulder she might choose to settle for the strong and very silent type.

While Daniel is running an open house, someone steals a precious item, dragging him into Rosehaven’s dark and fishy underworld. But marine matters get put to one side when Emma takes on the sale of a vacant block of land that turns the people of Rosehaven on McCallum Real Estate.

Begins Wednesday 30 January at 8.30pm on ABC TV with a double episode