Goodbye PENNY COOK - a note from a co-worker who loved you

Penny Cook in A Country Practice

The actress who brought to life one of Australia’s most memorable TV characters has died at 61

Australian actress, Penny Cook, has died aged 61 after a battle with cancer.  The much-loved star will be mourned by fans across Australia and across the world.

Co-host of TV Blackbox, Dan Bennett, worked with Penny and has written this note about the death of his co-worker.

There are times in your life when you have an out of body experience. That feeling that ‘this can’t be happening’. Meeting Penny Cook was one of those times. When I was working on Neighbours I had the absolute privilege of working with her. I had been a fan forever so it was one of those surreal moments where you get to meet one of your idols. Hearing the news that she’s gone is devastating. I send all of my love to her nearest and dearest. For someone to make such an indelible mark – not just on Aussie TV but in people’s hearts – is an extraordinary accomplishment. Penny did that – and, you know what, she was just a lovely person to boot. The world is a lesser place without her.