Meeting Dolly Parton, Axings & The Future of Television - TV BlackBox S01E01

Welcome to episode 1 of TV BlackBox. Strap in - there's a lot we need to talk about.

Each week a washed-up TV Producer (Rob McKnight), a TV writer and executive (Dan Bennett), an EMMY award winner (Jay Cagatay) & TV enthusiast and commentator (Steve Molk) take you behind the scenes, wade through the pr spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • ABC "choose not to renew" Tonightly with Tom Ballard, and we speak exclusively with Executive Producer Dan Ilic
  • 7 jobs to be cut from WIN TV's Tasmanian bureau as centralisation wreaks havoc on regional TV
  • Rebecca Maddern won't return to the AFL Footy Show
  • Matthew Newton steps aside from new Jessica Chastain film as the #MeToo movement claim another scalp
  • Sunday Night pull a story at the last minute based on a court injunction
  • The Today Show suffering the worst ratings in four years
  • Foxtel announce the iQ4 and 4K content
  • CBS announce their streaming service will launch in Oz by Christmas 2018
  • Seven's second half-year annus horribilis
  • Bevan Lee takes a swipe at the ABC's drama slate
  • Ten's #PilotWeek, and the controversy over the sausage-fest
  • Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner calls for an end to overnight ratings
  • The lengths you go to when you want to interview Dolly Parton

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