POINTLESS - coming soon to Ten

Weeknights are about to get an exciting shake up when the innovative quiz show POINTLES premieres on Monday 23 July at 6.00pm, only on TEN and WIN Network.

Co-hosted by Dr Andrew Rochford and comedian and writer, Mark Humphries, POINTLESS sees three teams compete each night in a quiz show unlike any other.

Faced with questions from a wide range of topics, players must produce the least obvious answers in order to progress towards the jackpot.

A smash hit in the UK since 2009 and seen on screens all over the world, POINTLESS is now set to become a staple of Australian weeknight viewing.  

POINTLESS is the refreshing twist on quiz trivia the whole family has been waiting for, only on TEN and WIN Network.


POINTLESS - coming to weeknights 6.00pm from Monday 23 July, only on TEN and WIN Network.