The more awkward, the better - YOU CAN'T ASK THAT

Do you want to kill me? Aren’t you just a fame whore? Where do you hide your dick? What’s it like watching the love of your life get pounded? How much did you lie? What batshit crazy things did they make you do? Has it completely ruined your life?

The ABC’s third series of YOU CAN'T ASK THAT asks misunderstood, misjudged, or marginalised Australians the awkward, inappropriate, or uncomfortable questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to but have always been afraid to ask.

The new 8x30 minute series will air from Wednesday 11 July at 9pm on ABC, with all episodes available on ABC iview after the premiere.

The third series of the original ABC format features the first-person voices of survivors of sexual assaultex-reality TV starsformer cult memberspeople with eating disordersswingerspeople living with schizophreniadrag performers and priests. By asking the tough questions and empowering interviewees to answer in their own words with conviction, candour and humour, the series offers searing insights into the lives of Australians whose stories are often dismissed.

Series 3 guests include; drag queen superstar, Courtney Act; Bunbury’s bum-dancing former Big Brother contestant, Sara-Marie Fedele; Anglican Church whistleblower, Reverend Roger Dyer, child sexual abuse survivor and advocate, Dr Stuart Kidd; former Geelong AFL player, James McLure, who now lives with schizophrenia; and Liz Chapman, who has lived with anorexia nervosa for over 40 years.

The ABC original format won the prestigious international Rose d’Or Award for Best Reality and Factual Entertainment Program, in 2017, for giving an unmediated platform to diverse groups of Australians to confront prejudice and discrimination. YOU CAN'T ASK THAT exemplifies the distinctive, relevant, and valued content that only the ABC can create to start national conversations and raise awareness of crucial social issues.

The appeal of the ABC original format series has resulted in six international versions of the show already broadcast or in production globally. Options have been signed for a further 10 territories worldwide, putting it on track to become the ABC’s most successful format ever.

YOU CAN'T ASK THAT has won three United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards for Promotion of Social Cohesion, Promotion of Disability Rights and Issues, and Promotion of Empowerment of Older People. The series is nominated for the 2018 Logie Award for Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program.

YOU CAN'T ASK THAT was the most played (non-kids) program on ABC iview in 2017. Short video content complementing the series reached over 200 million people on Facebook, with one video achieving an unprecedented 45 million views – making it the most viewed social media video published on an ABC account.


YOU CAN'T ASK THAT season three - premieres Wednesday 11 July 9pm on ABC and ABC iview.


You Can’t Ask That is an ABC Production. The series was produced and directed by Kirk Docker and Aaron Smith. ABC Executive Producer, Lou Porter.