Homecoming Queens
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If laughter is the best medicine, HOMECOMING QUEENS starring Liv Hewson and Michelle Law and commissioned for SBS On Demand, is just what the doctor ordered.

Created and co-written by Law and real-life bestie Chloë Reeson, HOMECOMING QUEENS was inspired by their own friendship and health experiences, with a little creative license. The funny, female-driven drama packs a lot into seven short episodes, sharing the lives of two twenty-somethings as they navigate adulthood after life-changing illness.

In her first on-camera role, Law plays a fictionalised version of herself, Michelle Low, a children’s television presenter who returns to her hometown of Brisbane after an alopecia diagnosis shatters the façade of her perfect life. Michelle’s high school best friend, Chloë Easton, played by Hewson (Santa Clarita DietTop of the Lake) is recovering from breast cancer and determined to make up for lost time with a reverse bucket list.

Directed and executive produced by ADG Award-winner Corrie Chen (Sisters, Mustangs FC) and developed specifically for SBS On Demand, the drama creates comedy out of tragic, sometimes just plain weird, scenarios and shows how deeply funny life can be in its most serious moments. It’s a heart-warming series about upended expectations and asking what happens when you return to places, relationships, even your own body, and find nothing is quite the way you remember it.

Sue Masters, SBS’s Head of Scripted Content said: “SBS is known for its diverse, thought-provoking dramas and HOMECOMING QUEENS is no exception. Generator Pictures has created a beautiful story that somehow makes you laugh and cry at the same time, while addressing serious issues facing many young Australians today. It was the perfect choice for our first online commission and I’m confident Australian audiences will love streaming this series.”
Michelle Law and Chloë Reeson said: “HOMECOMING QUEENS began as an offhand joke between us, as we felt caught between being irresponsible twenty‐somethings and prematurely old because of our sickness. Through the hard work and support of so many around us, HOMECOMING QUEENS slowly evolved into the show we always hoped it would be: funny, moving, nuanced in its relationships, and bold in its execution.”

HOMECOMING QUEENS is a Generator Pictures production created for SBS with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with Screen Queensland, Film Victoria and Mind the Gap Film Finance. Developed by Generator Pictures with the assistance of Screen Australia, SBS and Screen Queensland.


HOMECOMING QUEENS will be available to stream on SBS On Demand from 12 April.


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