What's New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days

Streaming Guide March 16 – March 22


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Season 3, Episode 8 – Finale (Stan, March 16)

There are four queens left in the third season of All Stars: Kennedy Davenport, Bebe Zahara Benet, Trixie Mattel and Shangela Laquifa Wadley. After frontrunner (and my personal favourite) BenDeLaCreme’s shocking exit two weeks ago, the title could be anyone’s – it will probably go to Shangela but I’d like it to be Trixie. We’ll also hopefully get an answer to this season’s conspiracy theory: Is season one winner Bebe a mole planted by Ru to help decide the winner?







On My Block: Season 1 (Netflix, March 16)

Co-created by Lauren Iungerich (Awkward.), Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, On My Block is a coming-of-age comedy about four bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through the triumph, pain and the newness of high school set in Los Angeles’ South Central neighbourhood.







Sneaky Pete: Season 2 (PrimeVideo, Available Now)

In season 2, Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) is on the verge of starting fresh when two thugs, believing he is Pete, threaten to kill the family unless he takes them to Pete’s mother Maggie (Jane Adams, Twin Peaks) to recover the millions she stole from their mysterious employer. Now Marius must tread a dangerous line to find the elusive Maggie, protect the family, and keep up the Pete con, all while finagling a way to ditch the thugs and keep the money for himself.







Spotlight (Netflix, March 17)

Spotlight is the dramatic retelling of the Boston Globe’s investigative journalists who uncover widespread child sex abuse by Catholic priests and the Church’s efforts at a cover-up, for which they won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and a number of other stars, Spotlight was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.







The Good Fight: Season 2, Episode 3 (SBS On Demand, March 21)

The past couple of weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had room for The Good Fight, a spin-off of one of my favourite shows of all time. This week the team at Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad open a letter containing ricin, presumably from a disgruntled former client.







The Ex-PM: Season 1 (Stan, March 22)

Comic genius Shaun Micallef (Mad as Hell) stars as former Prime Minister Andrew Dugdale, who is forced to use a ghostwriter after he spends the advance for his upcoming autobiography. Chaos and hilarity ensue.







Weekly Episodes

The Trixie and Katya Show: Season 1, Episodes 9-11 (SBS OnDemand, Available Now)
Will and Grace (2017): Episode 14 (Stan, March 16)
Atlanta: Season 2, Episode 3 (SBS OnDemand, March 16)
Dynasty: Season 1, Episode 15 (Netflix, March 17)
Ben 10 (2016): Season 2, Episode 14 (Stan, March 17)
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale: Season 1, Episode 5 (Netflix, March 18)
Ben 10 (2016): Season 2, Episode 15 (Stan, March 18)
S.W.A.T.: Season 1, Episode 10 (Foxtel Now, March 18)
Call the Midwife: Season 7, Episode 8 – Finale (Foxtel Now, March 18)
Crimes That Shook Australia: Season 3, Episode 5 (Foxtel Now, March 18)
Ash Vs Evil Dead: Season 3, Episode 4 (Stan, March 19)
Our Cartoon President: Season 1, Episode 7 (Stan, March 19)
The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 12 (Foxtel Now, March 19)
The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 10, Episode 16 (Foxtel Now, March 19)
Strike Back: Season 6, Episode 7 (Foxtel Now, March 19)
Black Lightning: Season 1, Episode 8 (Netflix, March 20)
UnREAL: Season 3, Episode 4 (Stan, March 20)
iZombie: Season 4, Episode 4 (Stan, March 20)
Better Things: Season 1, Episode 10 – Finale (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Marvel’s Runaways: Season 1, Episode 7 (Foxtel Now March 20)
Shadowhunters: Season 3, Episode 1 (Netflix, March 21)
The Detour: Season 3, Episode 9 (Stan, March 21)
The Magicians: Season 3, Episode 10 (Foxtel Now, March 21)
Rise: Season 1, Episode 2 (Stan, March 21)
Riverdale: Season 2, Episode 16 (Netflix, March 22)
Designated Survivor: Season 2, Episode 14 (Netflix, March 22)
The X-Files: Season 11, Episode 10 – Finale (Foxtel Now, March 22)
The Great Australian Bake Off: Season 3, Episode 10 – Finale (Foxtel Now, March 22)







Stand-up Comedy

The Standups: Season 2 (Netflix, March 20)










Take Your Pills (Netflix, March 16)
Wild Wild Country (Netflix, March 16)









Full Seasons

Edja: Season 1 (Netflix, March 16)
Spirit: Riding Free: Season 4 (Netflix, March 16)
Elementary: Season 4 (Stan, March 16)










Benji (Netflix, March 16)
The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (Netflix, March 16)
Friend Request (Foxtel Now, March 16)
Dope (Netflix, March 17)
Philadelphia (Stan, March 17)
Save the Last Dance (Foxtel Now, March 17)
Knocked Up (Foxtel Now, March 17)
Cars 3 (Netflix/Foxtel Now, March 18)
Last House on the Left (Stan, March 18)
The Mummy (2017) (Foxtel Now, March 18)
In Search of Fellini (Netflix, March 19)
Don’t Be Bad (Stan, March 19)
The Monuments Men (Foxtel Now, March 19)
Wonder Woman (Netflix/Foxtel Now, March 20)
Wish Upon (Netflix, March 20)
All Eyez on Me (Stan, March 20)
The Daughter (Stan, March 20)
The Belko Experiment (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Blow (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Wilson (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Wish Upon (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Landline (Foxtel Now, March 20)
Greenery Will Bloom Again (Stan, March 21)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Foxtel Now, March 21)
Godzilla (2014) (Netflix, March 22)
Warcraft (Netflix, March 22)
Everything, Everything (Netflix/Foxtel Now, March 22)
The Libertine (Stan, March 22)