The Unreal Housewives podcast with Nic & Molk - RHOM S04E11

Ladies and gentlemen - your Melbourne Housewives for season four
Image - Foxtel

...and that was it! The regular season of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MELBOURNE season four is run and won. As an episode it was a pretty massive anti-climax; as a season finale it was all a bit all over the place.

We did get some closure on some season-long storylines: Vanessa didn't get her car, but did get a deal; Gamble did get her performance for Rick (and he LOVED it); Sally did get to farewell her husband; and the inevitable dinner that rounded out the season did have controversy and the continuation of #wogbitchgate - which you *know* will play out in the reunion next week.

There's another revelation from Molk, and more than one rabbit hole that we fall down when discuss other TV shows including the joyous turn of Jackie Gillies on the Australian version of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! (Tweet #CelebJackie to keep her in longer!)



With the reunion landing next week we've had one hell of a season. HOW AMAZING WAS MEXICO?!

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Most importantly you can join us for our final FB Live video NEXT WEEK after the reunion episode, which is sure to be an absolute BLINDER. One thing is for sure Nic & Molk are as obsessed as ever to talk about our Housewives and all the goings on around them. Thanks for joining for a huge season - we've got one more to go, lovers.