Legal Threats, Talent Fees & A Shock Ratings Result! | TV BlackBox S01E16

It's the last week of the 2018 ratings year, and HOO BABY is there stuff we have to talk about! Shows finishing, people missing, and networks crashing. Plus: letters - we've got letters! Also we finally giveaway the signed 100th episode Studio 10 rundown!

Each week a washed-up TV Producer (Rob McKnight), a TV writer and executive (Dan Bennett), an EMMY award winner (Jay Cagatay) & TV enthusiast and commentator (Steve Molk) take you behind the scenes, wade through the pr spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • ROWAN DEAN threatens legal action against his critics.

  • FAIRFAX and NETWORK 10 go to court over 10 Boss.

  • Is WARNIE fibbing over his $2m I'M A CELEBRITY payday?

  • Nine deliver some surprises at their Perth Upfronts, including THE BLOCK 360.

  • VOTE FOR US in the Mediaweek Awards!

  • Molk & Rob dissect SUNDAY'S RATINGS, and what lay ahead in the final week.

  • Ten's position after WEEK 39 - UPDATE!


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