Seven Allfronts plus News Headlines - TV BlackBox S01E11

There's so much happening in TV Land this week that not only do Rob, Dan & Molk talk at length about the Seven Allfronts but we also have time to chat about some of the big news spinning around. It's a double bonus! (P.S. We missed Jay - hurry back soon!)

Each week a washed-up TV Producer (Rob McKnight), a TV writer and executive (Dan Bennett), an EMMY award winner (Jay Cagatay) & TV enthusiast and commentator (Steve Molk) take you behind the scenes, wade through the pr spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • SEVEN claim the ratings year (and pretty much everything else) - with a few notable exceptions.

  • NBC's Megyn Kelly puts her foot in it and loses her job.

  • Sam Newman and Shane Warne touted for a weeknight variety show?!

  • THE PROJECT cops a pasting - is it a News show or an Entertainment show?

  • Molk dives deep into the content of the SEVEN ALLFRONTS.

  • Rob opens the mailbag for a special listener question.

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