Hypocrisy, Bullying and scandals - TV BlackBox S01E09

We're missing Jay, however Dan, Rob and Molk still soldier on to deliver you this almost-but-not-nearly-as-good ep of TV BLACKBOX. We still manage to get to the heart of the matter, be it reality TV, the race to the end of the Australian ratings year, or the return of A COUNTRY PRACTICE?!

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Each week a washed-up TV Producer (Rob McKnight), a TV writer and executive (Dan Bennett), an EMMY award winner (Jay Cagatay) & TV enthusiast and commentator (Steve Molk) take you behind the scenes, wade through the pr spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • More ABC revelations: Communications Senator Fifield knew Guthrie was going 2 weeks before!

  • Consternation as THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA launches with the lowest figures ever.

  • Rob unloads on A CURRENT AFFAIR and their report that chased Nick Cummins to Papua New Guinea (and is it a double standard?).

  • Fox announces they'll try some new ways of doing ads.

  • AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR delivers its best season yet for Ten.

  • Among other things in our Hatches & Dispatches segment we talk A COUNTRY PRACTICE and the endless nostalgia that forces reboots of shows.

  • Molk talks about Seven, Nine and Ten's run to the end of the ratings year - WHO WILL WIN WHAT (and HOW)?!

  • Dan guides us through a discussion on the responsibilities of producers when it comes to reality TV contestants and their mental wellness.

  • Rob shares a story about that time he crashed the link truck.

P.S. DON'T FORGET we'll drop a special ep this Thursday to discuss all the news from Nine's 2019 Upfronts from Wednesday night!

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