The Unreal Housewives podcast with Nic & Molk - RHOM S04E09

Look, it's fair to say nobody expected this...
Image - Foxtel

Dear friends - "Wog Bitch"-gate bites hard as the aftermath continues to split our ladies more firmly into the Dark Side and the Bright Side. Did we expect anything else from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MELBOURNE?!

Delightfully we get to #ShineItUp with Jackie and enjoy blindfolded hugs, cold reads and hype dancers that make Jackie tired "but in a good way". Venus/Vanessa also launches her make-up brand that delivers much more than we could have ever imagined. Additionally we get the first cold run of Lydia's cooking classes that have a lot of cooking (and associated accidents) and very little class.

Oh, and did I mention the much sizzled seance? OMG.



What a ride (if, at times, a little pedestrian).

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