AIRDATE | ABC’s new quiz show THINK TANK

Australia’s quiz show landscape is about to get a shake-up, when THINK TANK launches Monday 5th February on ABC and ABC iview.  Hosted by grandmaster Paul McDermott, Think Tank will air nightly Monday to Friday, at the family friendly time of 6pm.  

Each hour-long episode sees three contestants go head to head, pitting their general knowledge and their general luck against each other.  To win the game, they need to pass five, challenging rounds. Helping or maybe hindering them in their pursuit of game show glory, is the Think Tank.

The Think Tank features eight relatively ordinary Australians with an extra-ordinary love of trivia and general knowledge. The eight form a ‘repository of wisdom’ from which our contestants on Think Tank can draw.

But be warned…Our Think Tankers – like Australia itself – are made up of a diverse mob of people plucked from all walks of life.  They are there to help but sometimes they get it wrong. 

What happens then?  Do you trust your instincts or trust the masses?  Do you tag along with popular opinion or strike out on your own?  The excitement, drama and brain-twisting fun of Think Tank comes in these moments of interaction between our contestants and the Think Tankers.

This is game show with a difference, one the whole family can enjoy.  Join us for the battle of brains, the thrill of victory, the hilarity of defeat.  Come for the competition, witness the wonder, meet the Think Tankers and who knows – you might just learn a thing or two.

An ITV Studios Australia Production for the ABC.


THINK TANK - premieres Monday 5 Feburary 6pm on ABC and ABC iview.