RECAP: The Bachelorettes Face Their Fears

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Last night on The Bachelor Australia, Matty J took Florence on a romantic helicopter ride, the Bachelorettes faced their fears on an emotional group date and Victorian model Lisa failed to receive a rose.

Matty treated Florence to a romantic helicopter ride and pottery class for her second single date. After revealing he had won awards for his pottery-making skills, Matty further impressed Florence by taking her to a secluded hideaway in the mountains.

The group date saw the Bachelorettes write down their relationship fears on a piece of wood before punching through the wood.

Lisa expressed concern that she needed more time to fall in love, leading Matty to question whether she was open to a relationship. Cobie was visibly emotional reading her fears aloud, but felt elated once she smashed through them.

Tara revealed that she always puts herself second in relationships and wants to find someone who loves her for being herself. Her words struck a chord with Matty, who invited her to spend extra time with him at an exclusive rooftop dinner.

Tara put her heart on the line, telling Matty that she likes him a lot and really wants him to meet her family.

At the cocktail party, Cobie was concerned that she had revealed too much emotion at the group date and had put Matty off.

In a bold attempt to secure her place in the top six, Elora pulled Matty aside for a sneaky kiss in plain view of the other Bachelorettes. Unfortunately for Elora, Matty rejected her advances.

At the rose ceremony, it was Victorian model Lisa, 25, who was left standing without a rose.