RECAP: The Search For Super Idol - Monday on Australian Survivor

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On Monday’s edition of Australian Survivor, Ziggy was voted by her tribe to compete for the ultimate reward in the world’s greatest game.

After sending Kent home at Tribal Council, Asaga returned to camp to play for another day. Odette, the last remaining member of Kent and Jacqui’s alliance, was firmly on the bottom of the tribe. She was feeling flat and homesick and opted for an early night.

At Samatau, the mood was low. They had lost their fire and were starving. Their flint was broken and Locky was getting desperate and testy.

At the immunity challenge, Samatau brought all of their comfort items to negotiate a trade with host Jonathan LaPaglia. They were willing to give up all of their herbs, spices, chairs and pillows in return for a working flint and were very excited when he agreed to the deal.

Then, in a twist that no one saw coming, Jonathan announced that today the winning tribe would head to Tribal Council to vote for a chance at the ultimate reward.

After winning the challenge, Samatau headed back to camp with their new flint to cook some much-needed rice and speculate about the nature of the reward. Certain that it would be an individual reward, A.K. and Jarrad discussed who they should nominate to benefit their alliance.

At Tribal Council, each member of Samatau voted for a deserving and trustworthy tribemate to take on the coveted reward. After Jonathan counted the votes, it was clear that Ziggy was the chosen one. A Super Idol is the most powerful tool in the game of Survivor. It can act as a regular immunity idol and can also cancel out another person’s immunity idol.

After hours in the water in the middle of the night, an elated Ziggy successfully located the Super Idol in a tree. The idol has the power to change her game completely. It could be her ticket to the end. Now Ziggy must decide what to tell the rest of her tribe.

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