RECAP | Three Bachelorettes Leave The Mansion | @TheBachelorAU

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Tonight on The Bachelor Australia, Elora scored a second date, a rose and her first kiss from the Bachelor, Matty J put the Bachelorettes through their paces in a bush race, and Sharlene, Steph and Alix were farewelled. 

While Leah’s exit had brought some calm to the mansion, there was still resentment from Michelle, Sharlene and Jen, who were upset they had not yet been on a single date but Elora received a second.

Matty, 30, treated NSW fitness trainer Elora, 27, to a picnic and swimming session at Glenbrook Creek in the Blue Mountains. The chemistry between the pair was obvious and in a candlelit garden hideaway, Elora received her first kiss and a rose from the Bachelor. 

For the group date, Matty brought the 12 remaining Bachelorettes to the Blue Mountains to compete in the inaugural “The Bachelor Bush Race of 2017”. Florence successfully cheated her way into some highly-coveted one-on-one time with the Bachelor.

Rigging first place proved a smart move for Florence, who walked away with a kiss and rose.

Tensions were high at the cocktail party, with the Bachelorettes upset over Elora’s extended time with Matty and Sharlene feeling she was invisible to Matty.

Confronting Matty on where she stood with him, Sharlene’s worst fears were realised when he confirmed he could not see a romance blossoming between them. Sharlene then decided to leave the mansion.

Later at the rose ceremony, Western Australian safety administrator Stephanie, 23, and NSW body painter Alix, 24, did not receive a rose.