Bananas in Pyjamas celebrate 25 years on ABC

image source - ABCTV

91,250 stairs descended

3,900 Teddy Bears chased*

*Only on Tuesdays!

Australia’s favourite twins, B1 and B2, are turning 25 and we’ve got a month of celebrating ahead of us!

On 20 July 1992, the cheeky and mischievous Bananas in Pyjamas premiered on ABC Television in their own full length television series. Before that, they appeared on Play School. 

They’ve been busy over the past 25 years. From chasing the Teddies around Cuddles Avenue, to visiting the President of the United States of America, the Bananas in Pyjamas have become as popular internationally as they are in Australia. Bananas in Pyjamas is currently shown in a number of different countries, including Hong Kong, the Philippines and Brazil!

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Bananas In Pyjamas - 25th Anniversary Collector Coin Set (Available through Royal Australian Mint and

A limited edition coloured 20 cent and 5 cent piece coin set of the twin Bananas and Rat-in-a-hat.

25th Anniversary Collection (DVD boxset out now)

Includes four banana-tastic DVDs featuring songs, stories and laughs from over 30 episodes from the Bananas in Pyjamas animated TV series.

And for the first time, Bananas in Pyjamas animated series will be available in Digital HD on iTunes! Plus, three classic Bananas in Pyjamas compilations will also be released in the TV store.

Bananas in Pyjamas: 50 Best Songs (CD / digital album released 9 June)

The perfect soundtrack to a banana-tastic party, this 2CD set (Side B1 and Side B2!) features those catchy songs that generations of Australian children have been singing and dancing along to. Also includes an appearance from The Teddies and Rat-in-a-hat! 

Bananas In Pyjamas – Pyjamas Range (Pyjama range – available at au)

Available in both adults and children’s sizes, here’s your chance to wear your own pair of iconic blue and white striped pyjamas! 

On ABC KIDS, the celebrations continue. Thousands of Australian children have watched the pair come down the stairs over the last 25 years, so to celebrate this milestone, Australian preschoolers are showing their love by creating drawings and birthday cards for the pair which will feature on special Giggle and Hoot Giggle Galleries airing throughout the birthday week.

On the Banana’s birthday, Thursday July 20, classic Bananas in Pyjamas special birthday episodes will screen on the day, along with party episodes of the new animated show. As well as more party themed episodes from some of pre-schoolers favourite programs, including Hoot Hoot Go!, Peppa PigDorothy, Hey Duggee, Sally and Possumand Thomas and Friends. Then at 4pm, put your pjs on and get ready to celebrate as the Giggle and Hoot family wish B1 and B2 a happy birthday during a fun pyjama party!