The Unreal Housewives podcast with Nic & Molk - RHOM S04E01

None of this can end well
Image - Foxtel

WE. ARE. BACK. people! Welcome to the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and boy do we have a lot to catch up on.

Not least of which is farewells to Chyka, Pettifleur & Susie (who are they again?), but let's add two more into the mix - Venus Behbahani-Clark & Sally Bloomfield.

Our other faves return too, with Gina still Queen-ing it up, Gamble ready to fight anyone, Janet older than Moses, Lydia still keeping #PoorFigaro hostage and Jackie shining it up all over the place. (P.S. Janet has a new love with a *LOT* of money, so prep for many parties at his place!)


Nic & Molk have so many great feels over this first episode, including predicting the course of the controversy this year and who joins whose gang. What of Nic & Molk meeting and interviewing Janet, Sally & Jackie? (We are, of course, besties now.) Also: what will the ladies fight about? Answer: EVERYTHING.

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