Extended Look at new Survivor Australia

Launching this August, Network Ten’s spectacular new family entertainment series Australian Survivor will see 24 tough and tenacious everyday Australians marooned on the rugged tropical island of Samoa.

For up to 55 days, the contestants must outwit, outplay and outlast each other to win the half a million dollar prize and title of sole survivor.

As they catch their own food and order their own society, the contestants must compete in increasingly difficult tests of strategy, mateship and physical and mental skill.

Their bodies will be pushed to the limit, competing in physically demanding and epic challenges, while mentally working their way through cunning and strategic game play. Moral values are put to the test as the contestants contemplate whether or not to lie and manipulate their way through a strategic battlefield in order to win. 

Host of Australian Survivor, Jonathan LaPaglia, said: “There is a lot they need to contend with both physically and mentally, and then we get them to compete with each other. There are really tough physical challenges, but it’s quite mentally tough too. And if that isn’t enough, these contestants then meet to vote each other out. That’s what’s really exciting to watch – the choices they make and the strategising that goes on.”
“I wanted to be involved with Australian Survivor because I’m a huge fan of the show. I love the toughness. There’s so many different types of personalities. You see how these people behave when they are in this pressure cooker situation and I find that pretty fascinating.”

Survivor is the show that launched the reality genre of television programming and it continues to be the centrepiece of broadcasting schedules around the world. Part docu-soap, part competition, part human drama, it is the world’s most talked about television program.

Please click here for a brand new sneak peek at Australian Survivor. 

Australian Survivor.
This August. On TEN And WIN Network.
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