Muhammad Ali – When We Were Kings

The trailer of one of the best boxing documentaries of all time. Its main focus is "Rumble in The Jungle." A fight between Muhammmad Ali against George Foreman.

ABC2 will pay tribute to the amazing life and career of boxing legend Muhammad Ali with the screening of the celebrated feature documentary – When We Were Kings.

Screening at 8.50pm, Tuesday, June 7 on ABC2, this Academy Award®-winning documentary of the 1974 heavyweight bout between reigning champion George Foreman and underdog challenger Muhammad Ali is absolutely thrilling.


Amazing footage of the boxers captured in the waiting weeks before the fight not only offers an intimate portrait of a boxer's preparation, but also depicts the interesting dynamic of African-Americans connecting with the African people.

When We Were Kings, a 1996 film by Leon Gast and Taylor Hackford, features Muhammad Ali, Mobutu Seko, Spike Lee, James Brown, Don King, Leon Cast, David Sonenberg, Taylor Hackford, Leon Gast, George Foreman and B.B. King.


The Tuesday, June 7 amended ABC2 schedule is as follows:

7.30pm:            Doctor Who

8.20pm:            Good Game

8.50pm:            When We Were Kings