The World Cup Spoiler Blocker

Recording overnight football games to watch when you’re awake is great, but avoiding results online until you’ve had a chance to watch them can be tricky.

Fetch TV has the solution just in time for the World Cup. The Spoiler Spoiler browser extension blocks all mentions of World Cup results on select web browsers making it easier for football fans to dodge results before they’ve had a chance to watch the match.

“The Fetch TV Spoiler Spoiler App will help fans who prefer to record the overnight games instead of getting up.  Whether your team wins or loses, it’s so frustrating to find out the result online before you’ve had a chance to watch the game, but with Spoiler Spoiler you no longer have to worry.” said Sue Brenchley, Marketing Director of Fetch TV.

Spoiler Spoiler works by scanning websites for countries, team names, and football World Cup related terms. It then replaces any potential match results with the country colours of a user selected team preventing the annoying spoilers. The app works on desktop with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

“Not only are we making sure match results aren’t spoiled, but Fetch TV’s recording functionality means that football fans will be able to watch all 64 matches without endless sleepless nights stretching over the four weeks of competition.  Fetch TV ensures that fans can have the best of both worlds – sport from another time zone, and sleep.” Brenchley continued.