Report - Mass sackings expected at Ten Eyewitness News

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Things are once again looking grim for Ten employees with the Guardian Australia reporting the network will soon undergo another round of forced redundancies as the network looks to implent drastic cost cutting across its news division.

Under the plan State-based bulletins would retain their own newsreaders and journalists, however off-camera employees such as technicians, camera people, floor staff and editors who produce local news would be shed, in favour of producing as much content as possible out of Sydney. It is believed Ten hopes to reduce staff numbers by at least 50 people. Early morning and late night news bulletins are also likely to be cut.

“It’s the biggest purge of news we’ve ever had,” one source said. “They are essentially going to nationalise the news.”

On Friday this website revealed Ten's plan to axe its dismal breakfast program Wake Up and replace it with a more cost effective ‘news-focused’ program hosted by Matt White from TEN’s Pyrmont studios. While a number of sources have indicated that decision could come as early as this week, Ten's News and Current affairs chief Peter Meakin told SMH over the weekend

“We don’t know at the moment. Clearly, we examine all our shows on a regular basis but there’s no announcement on Wake Up.

“Yes, it’s under review. (Many) shows are under constant review so that doesn’t necessarily mean very much. It’s no secret that we’d like the show to do better but there’s no immediate decisions.”

The SMH is also reporting that Ten's team for the 2014 Glascow Commonwealth games has been cut with now only two people travelling to Scotland rather than the 15 that had been expected to cover the event.

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