Perfect Ten For Rhiannon Fish #DWTS


DANCING WITH THE STARS airs live at 7.30pm Tuesdays on Channel Seven

There were few dry eyes on the dance floor and off when Dancing With The Star’s celebrities performed to a special piece of music which reflected a memorable moment in their life.

Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish had audience members reaching for the tissues with a moving tribute to her father which secured her and dance partner, Aric Yegudukin a perfect score of 40 receiving a 10 from each of the four judges.

Watching-on in the wings was special guest and “ballroom Godfather” Baz Luhrmann. The Oscar nominated director and creator of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ offered guest commentary throughout the night.

But there was little left to say after Rhiannon’s Rumba to Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion. Clearly emotional, the star ran in to the waiting arms of her father after the performance in a touching scene.

“It was beautiful from start to finish,” said Helen Richey. Fellow judge Adam Garcia agreed: “It was captivating. It was magical,” he said. “The whole thing was spectacular,” said Todd McKenney

Songstress Tina Arena took Todd’s criticism from last week on board after he described her as looking like a “bored housewife”. Her Cha Cha to Donna Summer’s ‘No More Tears’ gave judge Kym Johnson “chills”.

“You let yourself go and that’s what we wanted,” said Kym. Adam agreed: “You absolutely smashed it.”

TV legend Tony Barber was the second celebrity to be sent home.  He said;  “I enjoyed it enormously and I don’t think I’ll go”.

Now the judges’ scores are final, it is up to the public to vote for their celebrity and dance partner to keep them dancing.  

Judges scores:

Rhiannon Fish & Aric Yegudkin                       40

Tina Arena &  Damian Whitewood                    35

Steve Hooker & Ash-Leigh Hunter                    33

Cosentino & Sriani Argaet                                31

Sophia Pou &  Michael Miziner                        29

Libby Trickett  & Dannial Gosper                      29

Zac Stenmark & Jade Hatcher                           28

Tony Barber & Melanie Hooper                         28

Jesinta Campbell & Jarryd Bryne                     26

Sally Obermeder & Carmelo Pizzino                22

Jonesy and Alana Patience                              19