ABC TV Program Schedule for Week Commencing August 15, 2021

The Newsreader (image - ABC)

ABC TV primary channel highlights include the new series premieres of The Newsreader, Traces, Beyond the Towers, Question Everything and The Trial of Christine Keeler, the season return of Hard Quiz, plus all new episodes of Joanna Lumley’s Britain, Australian Story, Four Corners, Media Watch, Back to Nature, The Chemical World, Rosehaven, Would I Lie to You, Foreign Correspondent, Q+A, Fake or Fortune and Gardening Australia.

Sunday August 15

2:30 Dream Gardens (ep 7 of 8 in season 3)


7:40 Joanna Lumley’s Britain (ep 2 of 3 in season 1)

8:30 The Newsreader (ep 1 of 6 in season 1) *New Series Premiere

9:25 Traces (ep 1 of 6 in season 1) *New Series Premiere

10:15 Les Norton (repeat)

11:10 Silent Witness (repeat)

Monday August 16

8:00 Australian Story (ep 21 in season 25)

8:30 Four Corners (ep 27 in season 60) *60th Anniversary Special

9:30 Media Watch (ep 28 in season 27)

9:50 Beyond the Towers (ep 1) *New Series Premiere

Tuesday August 17

8:00 Back to Nature (ep 2 of 8 in season 1)

8:30 Catalyst Special – Doctor at the Door: The Kulkarnis Part 1 of 2 *Premiere

9:30 The Chemical World (ep 2)

Wednesday August 18

8:00 Hard Quiz (ep 18 in season 6) *Season Return

8:30 Question Everything (ep 1 of 8 in season 1) *New Series Premiere

9:00 Rosehaven (ep 3 of 8 in season 5)

9:30 Would I Lie to You? (ep 5 of 10 in season 14) *Encore
Note: episode 1 was skipped but this is a Christmas episode likely to air later

10:00 Staged (repeat)

Thursday August 19

8:00 Foreign Correspondent (ep 21)

8:30 Q+A (ep 27 in season 16)

9:35 Fake or Fortune? (ep 2 of 4 in season 9)

Friday August 20

7:30 Gardening Australia (ep 22 in season 32)

8:30 Midsomer Murders (repeat)

10:00 The Capture (repeat)

Saturday August 21

7:30 The Durrells (repeat) (ep 1 of 6 in season 4)

8:20 The Trial of Christine Keeler (ep 1 of 6 in season 1) *New Series Premiere

9:20 The Newsreader *Encore

10:15 Maigret (repeat)

11:45 rage

Pulled from Schedule and Awaiting Return

Dream Gardens (pulled at episode 6 inclusive of 8 in season 3)

Awaiting Return

QI (R Christmas special)


  1. The Newsreader
    I had the misfortune of watching the first 15 minutes of the premier of “The Newsreader” last night then I turned it off.
    Why is Australia and the ABC producing such a poor production for mass consumption when online networks such as Netflix produce quality dramas such as Animal Kingdom?
    The Newsreader, or the short section I watched was poorly acted, poorly directed and a poor reflection of current Australian society. Surely we have moved on from the 80’s!
    I won’t be watching any more.
    0/10 to the ABC for airing such rubbish.

  2. I love that we are all different and what we appreciate and love varies among us all, It is what makes the world go round. I really really enjoyed the first episode and will be back for more 🙂


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