9Rush Program Schedule for Week Commencing June 13, 2021


9Rush channel highlights include all new episodes of Wheeler Dealers, Engine Addict with Jimmy De Ville, Salvage Hunters, The Legend of Croc Gold, Undercover Billionaire, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, River of No Return, Edge of Alaska, Naked and Afraid, Naked and Afraid XL, Texas Metal, Iron Resurrection, Kindig Customs, Garage Rehab, Street Outlaws, Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, Mysteries of the Deep, Expedition Unknown, NASA’s Unexplained Files, Treehouse Masters, Alaskan Bush People and Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Sunday June 13

6:30 Wheeler Dealers (repeat)

7:30 Wheeler Dealers (ep 15 of 18 in season 14)

8:30 Engine Addict with Jimmy De Ville (ep 4 of 6 in season 1)

9:30 Salvage Hunters (ep 8 of 15 in season 10)

10:30 Kindig Customs (repeat)

Monday June 14

7:30 The Legend of Croc Gold (ep 4 of 8 in season 1)

8:30 Undercover Billionaire (ep 7 of 8 in season 1)

9:30 Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice (ep 5 of 6 in season 4)

10:30 Alaskan Bush People (repeat)

Tuesday June 15

7:30 River of No Return (ep 6 of 6 in season 1) *Season Final

8:30 Edge of Alaska (ep 3 of 8 in season 3)

9:30 Naked and Afraid (ep 3 of 18 in season 10)

10:30 Naked and Afraid XL All Stars (ep 5 of 11 in season 5)

Wednesday June 16

7:30 Texas Metal (ep 1 of 10 in season 2) *New Season Premiere

8:30 Iron Resurrection (ep 2 of 10 in season 4)

9:30 Kindig Customs (ep 13 of 14 in season 5)

10:30 Top Gear (repeat)

Thursday June 17

7:30 Garage Rehab (ep 18 of 21 in season 1)
Note: episodes “Slop Shop” “Jacob’s Automotive” and “Richard Revisits” have not aired

8:30 Street Outlaws (ep 7 of 18 in season 11)

9:30 Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings (ep 20 of 34 in season 1)
Note: episode 16 “On Your Mark, Get Set” was skipped

10:30 Texas Metal (repeat)

Friday June 18

7:30 Mysteries of the Deep (ep 5 of 10 in season 1)

8:30 Expedition Unknown (ep 4 of 17 in season 3)

9:30 NASA’s Unexplained Files (ep 4 in season 8 in season 2)
Note: season 3 has aired previously

10:30 Bering Sea Gold (repeat)

Saturday June 19

7:00 Treehouse Masters (ep 16 of 17 in season 2)

8:00 Alaskan Bush People (ep 8 of 9 in season 7)

9:00 Alaska: The Last Frontier (ep 10 of 20 in season 5)

10:00 Undercover Billionaire (repeat)

11:00 Bering Sea Gold (repeat)

Pulled from Schedule and Awaiting Return

How It’s Made: Dream Cars (pulled at episode 10 inclusive of 11 in season 3)

Awaiting Return


Aaron Ryan
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