9Rush Program Schedule for Week Commencing November 29, 2020


9Rush channel highlights include all new episodes of Wheeler Dealers, How It’s Made: Dream Cars, Salvage Hunters, Abalone Wars, Gold Rush: White Water, Bering Sea Gold, Treasure Quest Snake Island, Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown, Naked and Afraid XL, Resto My Ride, Iron Resurrection, Kindig Customs, American Chopper, Street Outlaws, Street Outlaws: New Orleans, A1: Highway Patrol, Alaskan Bush People and Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Sunday November 29

6:30 Wheeler Dealers (repeat)

7:30 Wheeler Dealers

8:30 How It’s Made: Dream Cars (ep 19 of 20 in season 2)

9:00 How It’s Made: Dream Cars (ep 20 of 20 in season 2) *Season Final

9:30 Salvage Hunters (ep 7 of 17 in season 14)

10:30 Kindig Customs (repeat)

Monday November 30

7:30 Abalone Wars (ep 1 of 3 in season 3) *New Season Premiere

8:30 Gold Rush: White Water (ep 2 of 11 in season 2)

9:30 Bering Sea Gold (ep 6 of 11 in season 3)

10:30 Alaskan Bush People (repeat)

Tuesday December 1

7:30 Treasure Quest Snake Island (ep 1 of 7 in season 3) *New Season Premiere

8:30 Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown (ep 3 of 6 in season 1)

9:30 Naked and Afraid XL (ep 5 of 9 in season 1)

10:30 Naked and Afraid XL (ep 6 of 9 in season 1)

Wednesday December 2

7:30 Resto My Ride Australia (ep 2 of 6 in season 1)

8:30 Iron Resurrection (ep 1 of 6 in season 1) *New Series Premiere

9:30 Kindig Customs (ep 1 of 16 in season 4) *New Season Premiere

10:30 Top Gear (repeat)

Thursday December 3

7:30 American Chopper (ep 6 of 7 in season 12)

8:30 Street Outlaws (ep 11 of 11 in season 9)

9:30 Street Outlaws: New Orleans *Special Episode

10:30 Resto My Ride Australia (repeat)

Friday December 4

7:30 A1: Highway Patrol

8:30 Expedition Unknown (repeat)

9:30 Special – Bride of Jaws *Premiere

10:30 Diesel Brothers (repeat)

Saturday December 5

7:00 Homestead Rescue (repeat)

8:00 Alaskan Bush People (ep 8 of 10 in season 5)
Note: episode 1 and 5 have not aired

9:00 Alaska: The Last Frontier (ep 2 of 17 in season 4)

10:00 Gold Rush: White Water (repeat)

11:00 Bering Sea Gold (repeat)

Pulled from Schedule and Awaiting Return


Awaiting Return


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